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Doncaster Law, PLLC

Trial Counsel

This law firm exists to win trials.  It has plenty of experience handling real estate disputes, fraud, breach of contract, and other civil and commercial matters.

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Trial Experience

Firm owner Samuel Doncaster is an experienced trial lawyer who's never lost a jury verdict.  He has experience trying the following types of matters.


Real Estate Disputes

Proven Success

Founder Samuel Doncaster has plenty of experience trying real estate cases.  He's defeated deed fraud claims by directed verdict.  And he recently won both puntive and compensatory damages after a four day non-disclosure jury trial.

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Fraud Trials

Bringing the dishonest to justice

Samuel Doncaster has ample experience protecting clients from fraud.  He's prevailed in multiple real estate fraud trials.  He also has experience dealing with commercial and investment fraud.

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Contract and Commercial Disputes

Keeping Promises

Contracts are promises.  When companies or people break their promises, Doncaster Law is there to help.  Founder Samuel Doncaster has over a decade of experience enforcing contracts, and he has won multiple jury trials involving breach of contract.

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Signing a Contract

Samuel Doncaster Biography

Trial Lawyer Committed to Truth

Samuel Doncaster loves bringing the truth to light.  That’s why he became a trial lawyer and loves cross-examining wrongdoers in front of juries.  When I stand across the courtroom from a liar and prove the truth anyway, that’s when I’m using my gifts to the fullest.  

Doncaster recently won a four day real estate trial on behalf of his plaintiff clients.  He obtained full compensatory damages.  He also won punitive damages, attorneys’ fees, costs, and additional court sanctions.  In another case, Doncaster won a deed fraud claim by directed verdict after he cross-examined the plaintiff and exposed the central falsehood in his case.  

Doncaster’s thorough trial preparation often leads to favorable settlements.  In one case, a party challenged his client’s deed as being a result of undue influence.  Early fact examination allowed Doncaster to obtain witness statements supporting the client’s deed and proving misconduct by the opposing party.  That party ultimately agreed to dismiss his claim and take nothing.  In another real estate fraud case, Doncaster cross-examined the opponents in a pre-trial deposition and obtained admissions that led to him dismissing his claim without compensation.  

After graduating in the top five in his class from Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law with honors, Order of the Coif, Summa Cum Laude and a Pedrick Scholar, Sam began his career as a law clerk in the Arizona Court of Appeals, where he worked directly with a judge drafting legal opinions. He worked side by side with this judge for two years, learning how judges make decisions and how to persuade them. Of course, he incorporates these lessons into every brief he writes as a trial lawyer.

Since becoming an attorney, Sam has developed a reputation as a tireless advocate and a creative thinker. His frequent success with “outside the box” legal solutions has earned him a loyal client base and notoriety as the person to speak to on tough cases.

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