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Arizona's Fraud Fighters

Samuel Doncaster

Owner and Lead Attorney

 Samuel Doncaster has always abhorred the liar. 

          This disgust for the suffocation of truth dates back to when Mr. Doncaster was a young child. He announced to his entire kindergarten class that Santa Claus was a lie made up by the grown-ups to trick little kids into doing what grown-ups want them to do.

          There were many teary-eyed classmates that day, but young Samuel was not deterred. He was beginning to see through the rose-colored glasses of his youth and into the depths of the mistruths and manipulations that entangled the path of even his very young life. From that point forward, Samuel J. Doncaster, IV made it his life’s mission to unwind and expose those lies, no matter which direction they come from. And to fight for all those around him who have been directly affected by the lies of others as well.

          In doing so, Mr. Doncaster’s work allows people to make a fair choice. Not one clouded by lies and half-truths. But a choice made with a clear understanding of all options.

And that is the basis of Doncaster Law Firm's righteous foundation.

If you or anyone you know has been the victim of fraud, call 480-666-4054 today. Our amazing team of fraud fighters wants to help YOU.

Samuel J. Doncaster, IV: Our Team
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